The wooden houses offered by BGHOUSES

are fabricated of environmentally friendly building materials using the “sandwich panel” system and post-and-beam structure with layered installation.

Prefabricated houses are built using dry construction technology. In different countries, depending on the specific geographical, weather conditions (including the relief), and designation, various construction approaches have been adopted:

  • Structural insulated panel homes / US /
  • Post-and-beam homes / US /
  • Panel-modular homes / Austrian, German /
  • Log homes / Russian-Finnish /

Materials used for the construction of prefabricated houses are dependent on their designation and the adopted technology, the most commonly used is the timber material. Therefore, they are known also by the name “Wooden Houses” and “Prefabricated Wooden Houses”, as well as “Lego”.

The houses built on our technology are suitable both for year-round and seasonal habitation. The prefabricated wooden houses are a great opportunity for any prospective customer to make herself/himself the design of her/his future wooden house “dream.”

The advantages of this kind of construction are multiple and every prospective customer can find the evidence at our website.