The company YAV & PARTNERS builds using the post-and-beam construction method with layered installation.

This is a new and advanced technology. If you have chosen your new home to be a prefabricated house, you should better find a company that performs such installation.

Advantages: High levels of thermal insulation, getting real low-energy house, the walls do not bear any load. It is borne solely by the structure, leading to an increased lifetime of the house and stability in adverse effects. This is achieved by placing the horizontal beams between the vertical ones. The SIP technology does not employ them.

Documentation: The prefabricated houses are accompanied by all necessary designs, certificates and documents for the issuance of a building permit and legalization of the building. Such a building permit and the building line on the land by the local government is necessary, as is mandatory also the verification of the powers of the manufacturer and the precise observation in the construction of the approved construction design. The construction of a prefabricated house can not start before the necessary documents are obtained. You should have also a Protocol – Form 16 to certify the fitness for use of the building. This protocol is drawn up solely by the State Acceptance Commission, pursuant to Ordinance No. 3 of 2003.