On the construction market for wooden prefabricated houses BGHOUSES appeared in 2007. The main business of the company is related to the design and construction of prefabricated wooden houses. The company designs and builds single-family, two-family, single-storey and two-storey wooden prefabricated houses, as well as gazebos and gardens, pavilions and other prefabricated wooden structures.

Except in Bulgaria, the professionalism in the construction of wooden prefabricated houses BGHOUSES is known in many other European countries among which Italy, Greece and Spain. Key partners of BGHOUSES is the company “Domig” and the company – manufacturer of aluminium joinery “Aval M”. Numerous technical data and specifications, given in tabular and analytical form, will convince even the best investors, architects, engineers and builders in the high-quality wooden prefabricated houses manufactured and installed by BGHOUSES.

For your convenience, the company has hired an architect who will design your home according to your specific requirements, as well as professionals to transport, cast the foundation and install your wooden house “dream”. Thus, each customer buys an end product of very high quality. Of course, each prospective customer of our company is interested in addition to our professionalism also in the product quality and the price. BGHOUSES offers very low and competitive prices. Each prospective customer could be convinced in this fact by visiting the company’s office, located at 2-10 Zachary Krusha Street.

BGHOUSES was established to build your dreams, therefore, take advantage of our services and welcome to our office!!!

Wooden prefabricated houses and wooden constructions

Services at the best price–quality ratio:

  • Construction feasibility study and conceptual design
  • Design of wooden prefabricated buildings and structures
  • Detailed designs for the production of steel structure members and structures
  • Prefabricated wooden buildings and structures mounting

Construction process management (CPM)

The company has more than 500 types of buildings for seasonal and year-round habitation, and the models are divided into one-storey, two- and three-storey building, including:

  • Single-family home for year-round habitation
  • Multiple-family home for year-round habitation
  • Apartment for seasonal habitation
  • Dormitories and bedrooms
  • Holiday homes and sanatoriums
  • Hotels
  • Catering buildings

The projects are implemented mainly in the domestic and European market: Cyprus, Greece – www.okohaus.gr, Italy, Spain – WWW.IBEROBUL.COM, France, and Netherlands.

The architectural solutions are tailored to the built-up area of the buildings and the functional dependencies between rooms.

The ability of the company and the type of construction allow customized designs.

Designs are consistent with the Bulgarian and European legislation.